Rimso Foundation is a renewable energy service provider. It is a sister concern of Rimso Battery & Co which concludes the social commitment of Rimso Battery. The Most households of our country in rural area deprives from the favor of electricity now a days. Rimso Foundation have establish in 15th November, 2008, a supreme aim to release the bother that households who are deprives from the electricity favor by the help of providing renewable energy technology. We manage our activities in Several District Offices obtaining more than hundred Service centre; we have a Training Centre recently in which we provide training facility for our company Staff with the aim of development their skills. We are the Partnership Organization (PO) of IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company LTD) from the year November, 2009. IDCOL provides us an opportunity to serves rural people. So in this way we are serving rural people by providing their basic needs of electricity (Solar).

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